Rethink Financial Planning's year-to-date highlights

Want to know more about what the Rethink Financial Planning team have been up to so far this year?

Aside from our exciting shift into the Aged Care space where we've been able to help even more Novocastrians feel confident and in control of their futures, we've also launched a NEW website, and received some exciting media attention from Newcastle Herald business journalist Penelope Green.

We've also been proud to witness the accomplishments of many of our partners, including the website launch of our beautiful home base Rethink Your Workspace, which recently welcomed more businesses through its doors, as long-term hirers and to hold meetings in the pods.

Meet the team

We have a fantastic team behind us, and this month want to shout out to our Aged Care expert Samantha Geelan, who leads our aged care team and consistently models our values of caring about our clients through her work. To find out more about Samantha and the tireless work she does in Aged Care, click here.

Aged Care information sessions

We hold a number of small group information sessions throughout the year to support carers facing the increasing Aged Care needs of a family member or loved one. These loved ones are commonly moving into the phase of life where they need strategic advice before they start looking to sell assets, or deciding on a facility or home care option.

Even if you have already taken steps towards one of these options, there is great value in attending one of our Aged Care informations sessions to better understand how your plans will fully impact your family members or loved ones. To find out more head here or get in touch with Samantha.

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