I don’t speak like this very often, but Rethink Financial Planning deserve genuine praise after working tirelessly to support us through a very daunting transition period. I knew that the aged care process wasn’t an easy one so I decided to seek the assistance of Rethink Financial Planning.  As soon as we engaged their services, we knew we’d come to the right place - we were supported by friendly, capable and focused people.

Together we developed a sound financial management plan but we soon discovered we needed to jump significant bureaucratic hurdles with various agencies to resolve a number of issues to which we were entitled.

The team made countless calls and emails on our behalf, never once giving up, and this alone is something I am extremely grateful for. They were also very patient with our questions and really do focus on the client - I think they should be awarded a local business award for what they do.

Rethink Financial Planning turned a harrowing and complex process into one that was a lot more logical and easier to navigate. Their persistence with Government departments helped us feel more in control and I cannot thank them enough.


Rethink are great – they have helped my wife and I feel more confident about our future, providing guidance that has enabled us to plan ahead for a more, financially secure future and to meet our financial goals.

The issue we went to them about was consolidating debt after paying for our wedding and honeymoon, as well as budgeting to plan ahead for having our first child and buying a first home. Without the timely advice and guidance of Rethink, we would have struggled to focus ourselves and achieve these amazing life goals.

Their advice was clear and easy to understand, always giving us options, clarifying that they understood our goals/needs and also checking that this is actually something they can help with. They gave us plenty of information and advice before committing to anything. Rethink are professionals who excel in customer service. They make you feel welcome, no question is too big or problematic, and they genuinely want to help. They listen to your needs, provide options and explain them in your language so that you can make an informed decision about your future.

We were completely satisfied by the experience. Normally I don’t feel comfortable discussing finances or money matters, to me they are private, however from the very first meeting Rethink made me feel more at ease. It was immediately clear that Rethink are a company who aligned with our needs and what we wanted to achieve.

Rethink have been an invaluable support to us, and even -at times - a voice of reason. Rethink have also helped us keep an eye on the ‘big picture’ and put plans in place to make sure we have financial support in place for worst case scenarios.

I’d like to thank Kate and Laura in particular as they have been amazing! We have also enjoyed all other services that Rethink have involved in our journey, including Bonnie and Jacob at CDG Law.


Amy, Sam and Carlie have been very helpful with assisting us in researching and helping set up our new super accounts and life insurance. They are always happy to answer any questions we have.

Amy and Sam also provided us with a detailed assessment of some investment opportunities we were looking at.


Faced with the daunting prospect of dealing with four lots of superannuation, multiple bank accounts and five years of tax returns to sort out for an ailing family member, we made an appointment for our initial complimentary consultation with the crew at Rethink. One hour later we knew we’d struck gold!

Not only did we have access to an excellent financial advisor, we also had an equally impressive lawyer, solicitor and tax agent – all under the one roof and just a phone call away for an immediate visit to clarify any questions. Six months later and with all issues finalised and future plans firmly in place we can only be grateful that we found this fantastic company.

We would unreservedly recommend Rethink Financial Planning to anyone seeking excellent financial /legal advice.


We have been using the services of Rethink Financial for a number of years. Be it for financial, insurance, taxation or legal advice they have become a one stop service centre that we have found to put our minds at ease as we head towards the end of our working lives. Advisors are well versed in the services offered and are only a phone call or an email away.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Rethink Financial for advice and guidance in financial needs.