Dustin Kavanagh

Email: dustin@rethinkfinancial.com.au
Phone: 02 4962 4440

Dustin Kavanagh, Co-owner and Team Mentor

Years in financial services: 27 years

The role in a nutshell:
My role has evolved over the years and I am now supporting Cassandra with the business and also mentoring the team when needed. I like to keep in contact with some long time clients, and support clients on specific topics such as business and property.

Why you love working at Rethink Financial Planning:
I love Rethink Financial Planning because the people are extremely skilful and truly care about our clients. I have never before worked in a team with this high level of skill or amount of compassion towards clients.

Advice you wish everyone knew:
That everything which happens in your life is due to what you predominantly think about. Humans have the ability to choose what we think about, so we must be careful with this.

Best career moment:
Being a regular member in the Top 20 of Australia’s largest dealer groups was good, but the main highlights have been seeing clients (and team members) grow personally and financially as a direct result of my coaching.

What you are passionate about:
Constantly growing and challenging myself in new areas, which is why I am moving my focus into business coaching and property development. I’m also very passionate about following up on a passion project with lyrics.

One of your biggest inspirations:
People who take risks in life. My wife has had so many incredible business triumphs over the years, and has also overcome substantial hurdles. She inspires me as she is always true to herself..

My daughter Claudia also inspires me as she has the confidence to be herself, which she learnt to do at quite a young age. She ‘owns’ who she is and lets life play out on her terms rather than conform to social expectations.     

Your favourite superhero:
Austin Powers is pretty amazing.

Diploma of Financial Planning (DFP)