Kate McArthur

Email: kate@rethinkfinancial.com.au
Phone: 02 4962 4440

One of your biggest inspirations:
I’m inspired by a lot of my team members. They are all are so knowledgable and dedicated. Cass is such a fantastic, compassionate boss and business owner. I feel really lucky to work in a team that inspires me.

Your favourite superhero:
I like Hawkeye and Black Widow because they don’t have any super powers, they’re just normal people. I love that because to me that means anyone can be a superhero.


  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)

  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

  • Diploma of Financial Planning (DFP)

  • Advanced Diploma of Financial planning (ADFP)

Kate McArthur, Financial Adviser

Years in financial services: 13 years

The role in a nutshell:
I advise and support clients from start to finish. I meet with clients to ascertain their needs and goals, then work out how we can best support them, and what coaching or education that we can offer to help them on their journey to achieve their goals.

Why you love working at Rethink Financial Planning:
I love that Rethink Financial Planning is very client-focused, so the client always comes first. We’re helping the clients and even if we can’t see a financial product we can assist them with, we still want to help them achieve their goals, even if that includes working with other professionals. We’re very collaborative.

From my personal point of view, Rethink allows me to be able to focus on my career and family - I have three small kids and the team is understanding and family-focused. This can be a rare find.

I love being able to help people. I also love the people I work with, they’re all knowledgable, professional, and both client and solution-focused. They never give up when helping a client.

Advice you wish everyone knew:
That people shouldn’t be too scared to reach out to a financial planner. Even if you think you have everything under control, it can still be helpful to contact us as there are some areas that a financial planner can help with that do not seem widely known. It’s not a one-size-fits-all industry.

Best career moment:
I enjoy helping people see the options that they have, which they may not have thought of. One particular highlight was assisting a client with some cash flow solutions that eventually led to them being able to purchase their first home.  

What you are passionate about:
I get a kick out of being organised, at home and at work. I love spending time with the family. I enjoy playing netball, entertaining friends, cooking, travelling and showing the kids the world.