Our Story

Cassandra and Dustin Kavanagh had worked in financial services for more than 20 years when they realised something needed to change. They’d watched clients become frustrated with the lack of interactions between financial planners, accountants and solicitors, and realised that requiring the client to make multiple appointments to relay details from one professional to another didn’t make sense.

Cassandra’s vision was to simplify the process by bringing the professionals into the same room. They'd listen to the client’s story, concerns and frustrations; ask questions, then collaborate. This would ensure each specialist discussed their views, rules and expertise on compliance and legal matters, saving everyone time in the long run. After discussing the idea with other professionals, Rethink Financial Planning was born.

Recently, Cassandra and Dustin identified another opportunity to apply Rethink Financial Planning expertise to solving another problem – their many clients that were struggling to navigate the aged care matrix, and other financial planners turning them away.

In this new service, Rethink Financial Planning remove a huge burden from their clients by liaising with services such as Centrelink, the Department of Human Services (Homecare), and My Aged Care on their behalf.

The team pride themselves in their role of giving a voice to people who feel they’ve lost it due to factors such as ageism. This work is so rarely seen in the industry and fills a big need, and Cassandra and the team are thrilled that all of their ongoing work comes via word-of-mouth referrals.

Cassandra and Dustin have also opened the Rethink Your Workspace co-working space, which allows the team to work collaboratively with various passionate like-minded businesses, including lawyers, accountants, business coaches, app builders, medical services advisors, criminal lawyers, and property consultants, providing advice to all of their clients in a holistic way.

Our values

Rethink Financial Planning Values