Sebastian Kavanagh

Phone: 02 4962 4440

One of your biggest inspirations:
Dustin (my dad) is my biggest inspiration. His work ethic is amazing. He created his own business when he was 20, and has lived a very inspiring life. He’s also taught me so much about business, sport and life.

Your favourite superhero:


  • Certificate III in Business

  • Diploma in Financial Services (enrolled)

Sebastian Kavanagh, Client Services Officer

Years in financial services: Two years

The role in a nutshell:
I work closely with the senior advisers and enjoy learning from the best and using my skills to make their jobs easier. I support the advisers with our clients’ insurance and superannuation, and do a lot of the legwork which gives the advisers the capacity to focus on their clients.  

Why you love working at Rethink Financial Planning:
The environment is a great one to work in and I love coming in every morning.

It’s an open-plan office and we all have a great working relationship together. I do like having an on-site café too as they’re very friendly and cook great food.

Cass is a very fair and flexible leader. I am able to learn so much from everyone in the team and find the work that we do both interesting and satisfying. It’s great to support people with their financial ups and downs, and watch them reach their goals.

Advice you wish everyone knew:
That they should never feel ashamed to reach out to a professional for financial services. There is always things that can be improved and we’re here to help you do that.

Best career moment:
Assisting a senior adviser who was able to maximize a client’s superannuation gains and save this client a large amount of money on their insurance premiums.

What you are passionate about:
Helping clients reach their financial goals. I’m also passionate about sport, in particular basketball and rugby, as well as travel.